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If your test is soon and you don’t have much time to study, just review SAT test-taking myths.

If you have time to study, be sure to review SAT studying myths before you spend too much time studying. You may notice there are many more myths about test taking than studying. This is no surprise as far more people take the test than study for it!

These myths have been composed from years and years of SAT tutoring. These beliefs come from students, teachers, counselors and even SAT study guides.

Feel free to post comments below, however, I am only answering questions via the forum in the member area (premium membership required) at this time. Keep up the studying!


1. Destiney Shorter - January 12, 2014

So should I try to do at least 30 questions correctly out of 54? Would my score be around 460?

2. Jason McDonald - January 10, 2014

Simply omitting the right questions will get you half way to your gain; glad you realize that already. You can gain another 50-100 points by learning the essential strategies that I cover in the premium member area. With focussed practice over the next two months your goal is very doable.

3. Destiney Shorter - January 10, 2014

Hello Jason, I am not proud of my SAT score. I made a 350 when I know I’m capable of doing MUCH BETTER. Unfortunately I answered all the questions and didn’t know I would get a negative point towards my incorrect answers. Needless to say I take my SAT March 8th and I need a 460 in math. I need help!!

4. Jason McDonald - April 26, 2012

That’s great you’ve already brought your score up 400 points. 250 more is doable in a year with a lot of practicing good strategies. I have strategies all laid out in the premium member forum where you can ask all the questions you want.

5. cindy - April 25, 2012

hi, i’m a grade 10 student in Canada, my GPA in school is 3.6 (4 is the total), my score on mock SATs are around 1750. I’m planning to take the SAT in March 2013. I want to go UCLA, but i heard that student need to get 1900+ to be accepted. Do you think i still have time to get 2000+ in one year of studying? My score for SAT improved by 400 from 2011 to 2012. Can you give me some tips on getting a higher score since i have been stuck in the 1750 area for 2 month or so.thank you!!!!!!!!!

6. Jason McDonald - February 12, 2011

Sure, that gain is possible but would take a lot of regular practice for several months. I hear you about being busy with sports and AP classes. My member area might be a good solution for you.

7. Lauren - February 10, 2011

Hi i’m a junior in high school. So i took my SAT as a baseline in January and I did not do as well as I wanted. I got a 1500 overall 540-Math 510-Reading and 450-Writing. I would like to get up to the 2,000s is that even possible with my score? I need something I can do for a short period of time on a regular basis to improve it drastically. I have a lot of AP classes and I do sports. So i’m always really busy! Help! Please!
Thank you

8. Sarah Amad - May 30, 2009

Wow, I wish i had started worrying about the SAT when I was 12.
Being In junior year of high school, taking it the last date possible for this academic year… isn’t going to be a plus for me :(

Gosh, Having a solid GPA, and amazing transcript.. BUT bad SAT scores, thats a bummer

9. Jason McDonald - March 30, 2009

Hi Gabby,

Good for you thinking about these things! Is it hard to get 660 in math? Hard for some, not for others. Most students make the mistake of thinking the score they get is their best. Or maybe they take it again hoping to improve. The bottom line is wherever your score starts, you can improve it if you have the desire and motivation (and right prep materials).

Given you won’t need to take the SAT for several years, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just focus on your grades and more importantly, your activities! Join clubs or start your own. Doesn’t have to be the standard science or chess type clubs. Join a photography club if that interests you! Get on the yearbook committee! Most of all, have some fun!

I never believed my teachers/parents when I was your age but I’ll say it anyway . . . read in your spare time. Reading is the single factor that will improve your SAT writing and reading scores the most. I can’t tell most of my students this because it’s too late for them. You’ve still got years to go so find some material that you like!

10. gabby - March 30, 2009

i am a 12 year old girl i go to riverview on my report card this semester i didnt do so good i got all bs and one d and that d was in math i still need to bring it up and my question is when i get into older grades is it hard to get like a 660 in math and like only in the 660s or up because i really want to go to notre dame university and become a photographer and i know you have to get really good grades to becaome one of them