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Private Tutoring

CURRENT SAT GOERS: I am not accepting new signups or answering questions on the public blog at this time in order to focus on my current students.


Many students gain the most momentum from individualized attention, immediate feedback and structured meeting times. Private tutoring is, by far, the most effective and efficient way to increase your SAT score. As you can imagine, private tutoring allows for a customized approach to maximize SAT scores in any or all three components of the SAT.


I tutor students locally here in Maine, as well as online. The online option isn’t much different than in person as I use Skype and a live online whiteboard. I provide assignments that you complete, we review them, and you ask questions in the process. Students keep their momentum high by ASKING QUESTIONS and watching video tutorials in the member area between sessions.

We address what you need to work on most. Remember, MOST IMPORTANT to this process is what happens between tutoring sessions, which is exactly why I have a member forum. I make myself available for Q&A via the forum where you can also watch videos around the clock and learn strategies for specific areas of the SAT.


I charge $225 per hour and offer a reduced rate of $125 to premium members. I drastically reduce my rate for premium members because the member area is what makes my tutoring so effective; I want all of my students to take advantage of the member forum. On average, my students get FOUR hours of my attention via the forum for every tutoring session “on the clock,” although there is no limit. I have video tutorials covering SPECIFIC problems from The Official SAT Study Guide and I answer questions in the forum day and night.  I give students assignments to complete between sessions.  I encourage them to watch videos and get as many questions answered as they can “off the clock” in the member area before our next session.

I do not have any minimums or sign up fees. Once your test is done or you’ve demonstrated the score you’ve sought, we’re done. No package commitments or overages to worry about. I meet with most students once per week.


If you are interested in one-on-one tutoring, contact me to check availability. I offer a risk-free first session to anyone interested in online tutoring. If you’re not blown away, you don’t pay a dime. If you like what we do, we set up another appointment and continue where we left off.

For more information about tutoring, including references, resume, etc., please visit my site dedicated to tutoring.

To your ever expanding abilities,

Jason McDonald

(207) 239-5757

Study smarter, not harder.

Check out what students and educators are saying about my private tutoring:

Jason’s tutoring was extremely helpful to me when it came to the math section of the SAT. After taking the test for the first time i had a 600 in math, but i wanted to get my score up into the mid 600s range. I met with Jason once a week for about 8 weeks over Skype. During our meetings Jason really impressed me with his broad and in depth knowledge about not just the material on the SAT but on how the test actually works. He taught me how to play the SAT’s “game,” all of the little tips and tricks to taking the test that allow you to increase your score. Jason was always very encouraging and friendly, he showed a distinct desire to see me improve. In between meetings he assigned me homework, usually practice questions or sections out of the test. During this time his website was extremely helpful as i could go on and look up a complete answer to any of the questions that have stumped me. Through using the videos and other tools on his website i was able to understand many different topics and types of questions that had stumped me beforehand. Thanks to Jason’s tutoring the second time i took the SAT I increased my score in math from a 600 to a 700, which was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who wishes to improve their SAT score. — Josh R., HS junior

Hi Jason,
I wanted to thank you for the time you have spent with my son the last 2 weeks. I have noticed an incredible change in his self-confidence, discipline, attitude and desire to do well. I have to say that I have never seen him quite this motivated. Having struggled with his learning disability for years I often found myself questioning if he would make it or not. But, you seemed to have changed all that. As an educator we are always trying to find ways to get students motivated and spend countless hours doing it, you on the other hand just seem to have a natural ability with this. I am sure he will do well with his SAT’s but no matter what, seeing his new attitude towards education has been worth every minute! Thank you. — Dianne K., teacher and parent of HS senior

Our daughter can get very anxious about test-taking. Having Jason tutor her before she took her first SAT was the best thing we could have done! Jason has a wonderful rapport with his clients. Haley felt comfortable and at ease with his teaching style. Not only was her confidence boosted, but the pressure was off for us. She knew what to expect going in to the test and learned some valuable tools to help her approach. We were most impressed with her SAT essay score going from a 4 to a 10. To us, the experience for her and how she felt about herself was as important as the score. Tutoring with Jason was definitely money well spent. We highly recommend him! — Sue G., parent

I am a high school math teacher. I teach 10th/11th grade algebra and 10th grade geometry. I need to take and pass the Praxis II Content Knowledge Test. I have taken and have not passed. As I dont teach Calc/Functions I am having a very hard time with that section of the test. I will be sitting the test again in February and really NEED to pass it this time. My teaching certificate is dependent upon passing this test. [months later] I passed…..Scored a 138 and needed a 126…..Thank you for all of your help – I appreciate you fitting me into your busy schedule and I couldn’t have done it without your tutoring. — Caroline R., HS math teacher

His rapport with our entire family was both professional and fun! My son chose to focus mostly on math and his SAT score improved by 120 points in math alone. Is the money worth it??? I’d say, YES!!! Our whole family jumped when we opened the score report — Kathy P., parent

Jason helped me take my ‘average’ SAT score (1530) to a score I’m very happy with which is a 1720. My biggest gain was in math going from a 470 to 550. We laughed a lot every session too. My sister just needed help in math and her score went from a 470 to 570 after working with Jason. — Kristi H.

I was pretty disappointed to see my PSAT scores in math and writing so my mom found Jason. After some tutoring I took the real SAT as a junior and was shocked to see my math score improve by 100 points and my writing went up by 120! If I wanted to I could have studied some more and taken the SAT again senior year but I was happy enough to keep that score. — Noelle L.

I’ve been working with Jason on the SAT and for my math class. My PSAT showed math to be my lowest score at 430 and I was nervous about the essay so we worked on those two things. I just got my scores back and got 580 math and a 10 on the essay! So obviously tutoring is worth it. Now we’re going to get my reading and writing scores up before the next test. — Eddie B.


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