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CURRENT SAT GOERS: I am not accepting new signups or answering questions on the public blog at this time in order to focus on my current students.

Soon after helping students with the SAT I realized despite my strong background in math and all of my years teaching, I needed help…I signed up for [Jason's] premium membership forum and each time I watch him work out a problem I just smile…As a result of Jason’s help, my students are already doing a lot better.  Now they’re saying what I have been saying:
“Wow, that was easy!” — Jerry S., secondary math teacher

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Short of private tutoring, the Premium Member Forum is the most comprehensive route to your maximum SAT score. This area includes everything you need to know for the SAT and pushes you to focus on exactly what YOU need to improve most. It’s an interactive area that includes videos and unlimited two-way communication with me, your professional tutor.

Premium Membership provides immediate access to:

Video Tutorials. With a simple mouse click, you can view video solutions to over 400 SAT math question in the big blue book. This is like having a tutor on demand. These tutorials show the quickest and easiest way to get correct answers. As you know if you’ve taken my e-course, SAT problems often have non-conventional solutions that aren’t covered in school. You can also request solutions to any SAT problem that’s not already covered. This includes any problem in the Official SAT Study Guide (OSSG) or even from retired tests.

Private Tutor on Call. Post questions and get answers — it’s that simple. The interactive forum is where you can ask me

anything you want about the SAT. That’s right; you have access to me, your private SAT tutor, at a fraction of what students pay me live.

Maybe you have a strategy question or just don’t get how to do a specific problem from the OSSG. I respond promptly to your forum questions in writing or with a video.

Say you just learned how to tackle funky symbol problems. Think it’s good enough to practice your new skill on a problem or two? No way. You need to master it by doing five or ten problems just like those. I can provide you with lists such as these so you don’t waste a minute hunting for certain problem types.

Want extra practice with quadratic graphs or tricky area problems? How about extra practice with “hard” algebra problems for which plugging in answers makes easy?

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy. With my guidance, set a personalized pacing plan that will ensure your maximum SAT score in each section. Become confident about how much time to spend on specific problem types. Learn whether you should guess or leave a question blank. This will be different in each portion of the SAT. Learn essential math strategies including examples with video lessons followed by lists of real SAT problems to master what you’ve learned.

Master Passage Reading. Never run out of time in this section again. There are only three question types for passages and you will learn how to master each of them here. Try these strategies on REAL SAT questions. Post your specific questions and get answers.

Foolproof Sentence Completion Process. Follow my four-step process to hunt down correct answers even when you don’t know what the words mean! Decide if memorizing vocabulary is a waste of your time.

Nail the SAT Essay. Receive immediate access to my report titled “The Dirty Dozen.” Within minutes you’ll be able to crank out a perfect 12 SAT essay for ANY prompt. I have developed it with the input from a former SAT essay grader.

SAT Math Skills Diagnostic Test. Taking practice tests from The Official SAT Study Guide is great; but it’s not enough if you really want to score high. You need to know exactly which skills you lack. Don’t go review the last several years of school math material (the SAT only tests you on a small portion of that) or even everything you’ll find in the provided e-book. Take my diagnostic test and find out where you need to brush up.

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CURRENT SAT GOERS: I am not accepting new signups or answering questions on the public blog at this time in order to focus on my current students.

Why would I offer all of this for so little?


I want to provide a service for students that can’t afford private tutoring. Not all students have time for private tutoring either. The member area allows students to go at their own pace and get professional guidance every step of the way.

Why wouldn’t you just take an SAT review course?


Review courses are great for people that meet the following conditions:

If you’re not one of those people, consider the interactive member area.

The Premium Member Area is ideal for students who:

CURRENT SAT GOERS: I am not accepting new signups or answering questions on the public blog at this time in order to focus on my current students.

Check out what students and educators are saying about my program:

I am a secondary math teacher with 17 years teaching experience, hold degrees in engineering as well as mathematics and run a very successful tutorial business.  I have had tremendous success getting my students to pass the assessment test in my state (98% vs. national average of 75%) and figured the SAT is just another standardized test so I could teach that as well. Soon after helping students with the SAT I realized despite my strong background in math and all of my years teaching, I needed help.

I discovered Jason’s services through his free e-tips. Whether you are considering his paid services or not, I highly recommend signing up for those. This is where he shows some of strategies (recorded on video) so you can watch and listen to an easier way to solve problems.  He explains problems in ways that make me say “WOW, he made that easy.  I never would have solved it that way.”  Once I experienced this I was all in. I signed up for his premium membership forum and each time I watch him work out a problem I just smile as I continue to say, “That was easy.”  In addition to showing you an easy way to solve problems, Jason’s premium forum allows for you to ask questions on problems he has done or on those you would like to see done.  Unlike other sites, he personally returns calls and it is apparent very quickly that he is extremely concerned about his clients success.

As a teacher I have invested in many seminars to help me be a better educator.  Many of these have been a waste of time and money.  Jason’s program has been an investment well worth it and has shown tremendous results immediately.  However, don’t just take my word, nothing is better than experiencing it for yourself.  To give you an opportunity to do just that, he has put a lot of it online for FREE.  Once you personally see how easy he makes it, you’ll want in as quickly as I did.  As a result of Jason’s help, my students are already doing a lot better.  Now they’re saying what I have been saying:  ”Wow, that was easy!”

– Jerry S., secondary math teacher

Hi Jason!
I absolutly love your approach to the reading section! i have a feeling that it will help me score higher than before. :D  Thank again! You help so much more than kaplan ever did!

–Katie, HS junior

Seeing these videos I really am thinking “wow that was easy!” especially for this problem- I didn’t think to plug the number in for P! I’m not sure where to post this info, but for this section I omitted 17, 18 and 8, and I got #7 wrong only, so a pretty decent section! :)

I was unsatisfied with my first SAT math score of 570 and only had a few weeks left to study for the next SAT. I was not confident at all in my abilities to break 600, let alone aim for a higher score. I worked with Jason and he helped me raise my score to 650! The tutoring sessions were very specialized and flexible to what I needed to focus on. More importantly the sessions were engaging and at the risk of sounding like a dork, fun! Jason showed me exactly how manageable this test truly is. The video area of his website made it easy for me to study at my house as well as have access to detailed explanations of every question in the CollegeBoard study guide. Jason helped me raise my SAT scores, but more importantly he instilled in me the confidence to achieve what I at first thought was unattainable. Thank you Jason for everything!

– Jesse B., HS senior

Jason – My daughter Sarah increased her score 60 points using your material. Went from 960 to 1020. Since I’d guess she only spent at MOST 3-4 hours of time I’d say that’s pretty darn good. Surprisingly, almost all of the increase came in reading. She said your techniques on that part of the test made it seem so much easier than the first time. I wish she had put in more time because believe she could have easily added another 50-100 points. But that was her decision, not yours. I think your material is outstanding and would recommend to anybody!!

Thanks again, Bruce

Thank you for your very engaging videos on your premium membership website and for making seemingly very hard problems simple!

– Evelyn L., Parent

You have great online SAT strategy prep! I started using your math stuff with a student I was tutoring. He has a Specific Learning Disability in the area of Executive Functioning. He was the first student that I ever tutored who used everything I showed him and almost doubled his previous score. Since then, I receive regular thank-yous and gifts from him and his very appreciative family. He’s now able to choose where he wants to go to school rather than worry noone will take him.

– Faith I., Special Education Teacher/ Tutor and Evaluator.

I got into the SAT prep because I thought the math score was out of line with how he was performing in his math subjects – near the top of his class. Part of the problem was some holes in his education, which a general review helped. But a big part was the weirdness of the SAT as a test, which is where your program helped a lot.

– David T., Parent. (his son gained 110 points in math alone)

Thank you for your help Jason. You’re a great tutor who uses this medium of technology better than most; although, the best part of your program would have to be your personal touch that comes across as intelligent, kind, and sincere. Good luck with a blossoming enterprise that I’ll recommed to all those mathematically-anxiety-ridden college hopefuls I frequently meet.

– Jon E.

I improved 150 pts in math and 290 pts overall. I wish I could of taken the test in June because I know I would have easily broken 600 in math, I should of broken 600 on this test, I made like 5 silly mistakes ( I skipped the 1st question on a section! and I also added wrong on another one, and on the others I made very crazy mistakes), I’m fine with that score though.

– Jesse W.

I just took the SAT this morning and overall it went really well. Using your program really helped me and I just want to say thanks. Your videos really helped me understand the concepts and visualize what I was supposed to be doing.

– Mary M.

My math score went from 450 to astounding 640.

– Karamvir.

Wow.. I had gotten stuck on #15 for a practice test for my SAT class and i can’t believe that it can take only 30 secs to do that.. I sat there staring at this problem and no one could explain it like your video! Thanks Jason!

– Perl

sweet! my sat class from ivy insiders is soo much more evil! thanks. they make things so much more complicated.

– Daryna

. . . but I wanted to say that when I did take the test today, there was an averages question. I used your method and got the answer in about ten seconds (otherwise it would have most likely taken me several minutes!) So thank you immensly for that. Your site is the best.

– Zoe S.

I took My SATs for the first time this past october october. I scored a 1650. I recieved a 590 in both the writting and reading sections but only a 470 in math. i also recieved an 8 out of 12 on my essay. I had pretty much lost all hope of attending a good school with those scores. That is, until I took your online course. I can’t believe how easy some of those math problems that I skipped are!! Thank you so much!

– Bree


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