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I’ve created a sequence of short, digestible lessons titled “Five days to a higher SAT score.” These free SAT tips will not only give you specific strategies, but will include actual examples from official SAT exams and more importantly, video tutorials on how to breeze through even the toughest problems!

It’s free, and all you have to do to sign up is enter your e-mail address in the box below and hit submit. You should receive a confirmation email immediately. Give me a call if you don’t! Be sure to use a valid email address and double check the spelling or you’ll never receive the eTips!

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If you like my eTips and would like to see your SAT score increase further, maybe you’ll be interested in one of my professional services. Either way, you have no obligation whatsoever if you sign up for my eTips now. You will see a score increase from those five lessons alone, when you put them to practice.

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Jason McDonald

Check out what students and parents are saying about my eTips lessons:

This morning I check my scores online and they were not there. So my mama called them and they said based on my score (they would not give them) and compared to my 1st score it had to be assigned to a specialist and I would not get them for at least 3 weeks and we will be receiving a letter from the specialist to contact.

The lady on the phone told her that when a student scores higher than a 250 more points in a section or scores 500 more points overall, that the computer flags this and it has to be reviewed by itself. Have you ever heard of this? I guess this is a good thing for me.

– J.P., HS junior


We followed you Math pacing technique, read and tried all your free e-tips, and read about everything on your website. Our daughters 3rd SAT attempt saw an increase combined score raise from 1010 to 1190. Her verbal went up 100 and her math went up 80. I know the pacing technique is just for the math score so I’m not sure why her verbal jumped up so much as well but we don’t need to understand it. We are just thankful. Prior to taking the test, we tried the technique on a practice test and her score went up 50 pts exactly. We are so grateful for you help and have recommended you website to everyone we know.

–Brad W., parent of HS junior

I took the SAT in in March and only got a 560 on the Math. I recently raised it to 590 over the past few weeks, and today i came upon your site and recieved the first day of the 5 day ecourse. Tonight after reading that, i took a math practice SAT and scored a 640! And i did what it said and left a couple blank on each section and focused on the easier questions. I was shocked. Thank you so much and i hope that after completing your ecourse i can get my score up even higher! Thanks!!

– Matthew D.

Yeah Jason the lessons really work because I didnt realize until taking these lessons that there are so many traps that I could have possibly fallen into and mixed up the problem with something that is kind of non relavant, so thanks once again.

– Parth J.

Thank you for the advice. It really helped now i am a lot more relaxed and ready to take the test.

– Anar V.

I think your tricks are definitely very helpful. A lot of the times on my math sections, I realize that it isn’t because I can’t do the problem, I just do it the long way and use up time so your tips are very helpful. I must say that I liked the shortcut on geometry problems, but my absolute favorite was how you taught me to deal with the weird symbol problems. I think that is the most helpful email that you sent me. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide these free e-courses to people who are willing to improve their SAT scores. Best of luck and thank you yet again!

– Jacinda

I found the rate and average pies extremely helpful because although I know how find the average, the SAT made it look very complex. The average pie made organizing the information very clear and easy to understand. Also, I used the geometry strategy more than once so that was very helpful.

– Mary M.


1. Jason McDonald - April 15, 2012

Unfortunately the reading and writing sections don’t have as simple of an answer as the math section in terms of omitting. There are several other factors including whether each section follows order of difficulty and what your strengths are within each subsection. I discuss these factors in the Premium Member Forum with my students individually.

2. Need Advice - April 15, 2012

Can you please tell me how many I should leave blank for the Critical Reading and Writing section ?

3. Jason McDonald - October 28, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to have to do that when things settle down a little. Unfortunately that won’t be until after the December test date.

4. Bhairvi - October 28, 2011

I don’t really need help for the math sections, but I need MAJOR help in the Critical Reading sections. Do you have any free e-tips for that section?

5. Jason McDonald - June 28, 2010


That varies from school to school and by major. I’d suggest talking to a guidance counselor at your school or a professional one regarding the schools you’re considering. Either way, your verbal score is solid and I bet you can get your math score near that with some prep.


6. Madeleine - June 28, 2010

I took the SAT in May and received a 740 in Reading, 600 in Math, and 690 in Writing. I will be taking it again this coming school year, and I hope to improve my math score. How do colleges evaluate these scores? Do they take all three scores into account? I had a teacher tell me they didn’t really look at writing. Is this true? I’m looking at NC State and going into Applied Nutrition, and then I plan to go to a Chiropractic College.
-Madeleine E.

7. Adria G. - October 10, 2009

My son is taking the SAT now. I most likely will subscribe again next year when my daughter begins her preparation for the test. Thank you, this is a great asset for any student to increase their SAT score.

8. Jason McDonald - September 26, 2009


The answer’s 12 and you can get it in 30 seconds. I posted the video solution here — you must be logged in to the premium member area in another window/tab for that link to work. Or you can find it in the “other video solutions” forum. See you in the member area if you have any questions about it!

9. Brendan Higgins - September 26, 2009

The problem is as follows: The graphs of the equations y = x2 and y=k-x2, where k is a constant, are shown above. If the length of AB is an integer, which of the following CANNOT be the value of k? (The graph shows two intersecting parabolas, intersecting in 2 points. Point A is the y intercept on the line segment containing the two points, and B is the intersecting point on the right side.) The choices are 2, 8, 12, 18, and 32.

10. Jason McDonald - September 25, 2009

I don’t have access to the test. If scanning the problem is a hurdle and describing it won’t cut it, can you just snap a digital picture and email it to me? I look forward to hearing about it.

11. Higgins Brendan - September 25, 2009

Hi Jason,

Are you able to access past SAT Exams? I have a question on the May 2009 exam. There is a problem I cannot figure out. There is a diagram with it, so I was wondering if you would be able to see it if I told you which problem it was.

Linda Higgins

12. Jason McDonald - June 3, 2009

I sent you an email, Jackie.

13. Jackie - June 3, 2009

i really need help on the math section of the SAT

14. Sarah Amad - May 30, 2009

People reading this should sign up for this :)
It’ll teach you something new, for sure!!