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Please send email to jmcdonald at this domain or call me at (207) 239-5757. Thank you!


1. Jason McDonald - May 22, 2013

Thanks for the Q’s, Brandy. Yes and yes!

2. Brandy - May 22, 2013

Hello Jason,

I found your site a few years ago a little late for my daughter. My son will be taking his SAT next month for the first time. He did not do well on the PSAT, but does get decent grades (when he does his work ;-) ) Anyway, I was looking at your site and most of the information seems to date back a couple of years. Are you still actively doing the Increase Your SAT Score program? Are the forums still active?

Thank you for your time.


3. Jason McDonald - March 13, 2012

No problem, I just sent you an email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.

4. Evelyn - March 13, 2012

Dear Jason,

I would like to sign up for the premier lifetime membership for my son who is a freshman in high school. May I pay for the membership fee in four installments instead of the whole sum at one time?


5. Beth McCluskey - December 22, 2011

Dear Jason,
I googled how to improve your SAT score mid November and you popped on my screen. Our daughter, Devan, needed to improve her Math score and I was desperate for help. We live in England, so we don’t have access to all the supports in the US. We reviewed your site and signed up because of the money back guarantee. We are so grateful we found you. Dev’s results have just come in and she went up 50 points in Math and 20 points in reading and got a 10 on her essay. She went up in every area on the test. All she needed was a higher Math score, but she excelled all expectations. She was devoted to your sight and really appreciated your feedback every time she asked you a question. I was a little skeptical about signing up, but immediately knew it was a good decision as Devan began studying with your questions and your forums. Huge heartfelt thank you for your help. Beth McCluskey

6. Jason McDonald - November 7, 2011


Congrats, it’s behind you! Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email I’ve sent you.


7. Ahmad Gill - November 7, 2011

Hi Jason. Because I finished taking the SAT on Saturday, I wanted to end my subscription to your program. It was great and it really helped a lot. How would I go about ending it?


8. Wayne - April 15, 2011

It was a pleasure speaking with you today about the SAT’s and your program. Your honesty and cador are very much appreciated. I am going to discuss this program with my son and if he is willing to buy into changing some of his habits I will be willing to pay for it. He does very well in school and is currently ranked in the top 12% of his class, however, when it comes to standardized tests he falls short. I believe your ideas, suggestions and examples of how to think differently will benefit him greatly when taking the test again. I look forward to seeing his results. Again thank you for your time and willingness to forward on your knowledge to others.

9. Jason McDonald - April 4, 2011

I’m referencing per section even though you mentioned a need of 60 points from two sections. Nothing is a sure bet because of the factors I mentioned (again some students that either didn’t dedicate the time or have the willingness to change their approach did not budge their scores). The 60-point gain you asked about is very realistic for MOST students with a month’s studying.

10. doug - April 4, 2011

Are you saying most improve by a total of 60 points or 60 points in each area math, reading and writting.

11. Jason McDonald - April 4, 2011

Hi Doug,

The vast majority of students I’ve worked with for a month are able to increase their scores by more than 60 points. There have been a few that didn’t budge their scores in the 10+ years I’ve been doing this. Because what works well in school doesn’t always translate to SAT success, factors in the improvement camp are 1. Dedicating the required time to build new habits. 2. A discipline to try new approaches and master them on practice tests. I recommend students spend at least an hour/day studying with a month to prepare. I work with students via the member area as well as online tutoring to ensure forward momentum. 1.5 hour sessions 1-2x/week. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

(207) 239-5757

12. Doug Alford - April 4, 2011

Hi Jason,

My Name is Doug Alford. My daughters name is Emily. She is a Senior in High School. She has taken the SAT on the dates below with the related scores:

math writing

03/2010 430 500 510

05/2010 490 470 410

She has signed up to take it again May 7th. She has been told by the university she wants to attend that if she can bring her SAT score up by a total of 70 points she will be considered for additional scholarship money. Her writing score is not considered in this factor. Only reading and math. Her combined best score is 500m/490r or 990. What do you think her chances would be if you worked with her for the next month to improve her score from 990 to above 1060 or about a 7-8 percent increase. It does not matter if it comes from all math or all reading or both. Also what comitment time wise would she have to make…She gets distracted easily during tests and generally does not do well on standardized tests. Her confidence may also be a factor. Her gpa is 3.5 weighted 3.9 if that has any bearing…

Thanks in advance for your opinion…

13. Jason McDonald - February 12, 2011

Hi Barbara,

Hard to say without seeing her results or knowing her strengths why she scored as she did. But two things to keep in mind. 1. The ACT is more skill based vs. the SAT more strategy based. 2. Some students that do great in academic classes don’t do well on standardized tests first round. Of course they can improve through prep…

14. barbara - February 10, 2011

my daughter took SAT for the first time and scored reading 570 (72%) math 500 45% writing 500 53%. We are trying to get her in a gifted program high school 11/12th grades. Her strong areas have always been writing and reading and I shocked at her scores. She actually took the ACT in 7th grade and scored in the 94% for writing. I was wondering why she did not do well and have ordered the test for $18.00. Any input would be helpful………..Barbara